Order Template

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💐 Order Template for Same-Day Flower Delivery 📝

Simple Steps for Ordering Flowers with Darling Buds-Annandale Florist

Darling Buds-Annandale Florist offers same-day flower delivery in Sydney, whether you order online or by phone/email.

📞 How to Reach Us:

To place your order offline, simply dial 02 9552 1258 or send an email to sales@darlingbuds.com.au.

🌸 Order Information:

When placing your order, please provide the following details:

1. Delivery date.
2. Recipient's name.
3. Company name (if applicable).
4. Address in Sydney for same-day delivery.
5. Recipient's contact number (mobile or home).

✉️ Personalized Message:

Include a heartfelt message for the recipient to add a personalized touch.

🌹 Order Preferences:

Choose between a beautiful bouquet or exquisite arrangement based on the occasion. Specify color preferences and any preferred flowers.

🛍️ Specific Product Request:

Alternatively, quote the product name from our website if you have a specific item in mind.

💳 Order Completion:

Provide your name, mobile number, and credit card details to finalize your order.

At Darling Buds-Annandale Florist, we strive to ensure a seamless ordering experience. Contact us for any assistance, and trust us to deliver your flowers promptly and with care. Order with confidence, and let us handle the rest!